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Saved forever.
Copyto does not only keep urls of your bookmarks. You will be able to select all or some of the content on your bookmarked page to save it as long as you want. This way you will never lose the content on your bookmarked page even if the original page goes down or gets updated.
Browser extensions.
We give you three lovely browser extensions, for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. While you are browsing you will be able to use these extensions to select a portion of a page and copy it to Copyto almost instantly.
You don't even remember why you bookmarked that page do you? Not anymore! Import your bookmarks from Delicious, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and all others... Get all the content on your bookmarks saved to Copyto.
Go mobile.
Copyto has an extensive mobile support. You will have a simple to use mobile interface where you can add new bookmarks or search through your old ones. Best of all Copyto will mobilize your saved pages for you when you are viewing them from your mobile device.
Fulltext searching.
Copyto enables you to save any portion of a web page. This makes it even more efficient to search through your bookmarks as you saved only the content that matters the most.
Easy on the eye.
Copyto presents a very easy yet handy way of browsing through your bookmarks. A tiny screenshot of your saved content will always be there for help. Labeling and editing items has never been easier.
Social on demand.
Copyto is specially crafted for you to serve as a space to save your own bookmarks. Not a social community or a bulk link sharing site. But... You can share your bookmarks with your contacts or groups on Copyto and create conversations over it. Also you can make a bookmark public and share it with the rest of the world!
Yeah we also have an API. If you think you are geek enough, you are more than welcome to use our simple API to extend Copyto to suit your needs. ©      About    Blog    Twitter    Discussion    API    How-to    Applications    Contact    Terms